Desmond Pringle

Desmond Pringle is a passionate vocalist with a unique brand of balladry -- and one of the most talented songwriter/producers in gospel music today. Whether delivering his signature-smooth ballads, thought provoking lyrics or energetic choir songs, Desmond has already taken his place among the ranks of great gospel artists of his generation. A down to earth, approachable artist, Desmond’s soulful gospel style has garnered him the title “Gospel Balladeer” from his ever-growing base of loyal supporters.

Desmond’s journey into professional music began in the lead role of the hit gospel musical “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”. His portrayal received an NAACP Image Award nomination. The native South Carolinian then relocated to Chicago in 1993 to further develop his musical prowess. His work as a singer/songwriter gained him contributions to award-winning artists including Yolanda Adams, Bishop T. D. Jakes, R. Kelly and The Thompson Community Singers. Add to that-- stellar performances at the Stockholm Gospel Festival and the award as the Best Male Vocalist by the African American Religious Connection. In 1998 his independent release “Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs” grabbed the attention of Chicago radio and led to a deal with Tommy Boy Gospel. “Loyalty” attracted a broad-base, diverse, multicultural audience, and Desmond’s first class musical performances won the enthusiastic respect of music lovers and accolades of industry professionals alike.

As a vocalist Desmond’s rich, jaw-dropping vocal range and hallmark style is reflective of his varied musical influences. From contemporary gospel—to the soul—to pop and big band ---but a Desmond Pringle presentation always has a serious, unapologetic traditional gospel “core”. “I grew up in church, so traditional gospel is definitely a center-piece for me”. As a child I listened to the wonderful richness of artists like James Cleveland, The Hawkins Family, Andre Crouch and Vanessa Bell Armstrong. Even today, I love that sound. Hearing that music still stops me in my tracks. Maybe by today’s standards it would be considered technologically “imperfect” by some, but for me--the heart and soul of that music stills comes through loud and clear. Even 20-30-40 years later, that is the music that has had—and continues to have-- a profound influence on my life and music.”

After serving as VP of Urban / Gospel for Warner Bros. Records the ordained minister and psalmist was able to spend quality time working on songs without any distractions or pressures. “God blessed and allowed me to slow my pace,” says Desmond. “It was really a good place in my life spiritually and creatively. I spent time getting in touch with my own heart and focusing on what I believe God wanted to say next through my music. ” It was out of that quiet time that his latest musical offering “Be Still…” was born.

“Life today moves at an incredible pace. Everything is quick, fast, hurry up, and microwave, right away, right now. Time with God often gets squeezed out of the equation. As a result, people are stressed, depressed, worried and fearful. The Word of the Lord for all of us is to “Be Still”. Stop, take some time and get in the presence of God. God is concerned about everything that concerns us. Know that He has everything under control. Once we do that we can see His salvation—and His hand at work in our lives.”

“Be Still…” contains new material—plus tracks from Desmond’s participation as singer/songwriter on award winning, radio chart toppers including CeCe Winans and The Born Again Choir and Bishop Paul Morton and the Full Gospel Baptist Mass Choir. “Creating music that is biblically sound, message-driven and church friendly is important to me, says Desmond. “I was honored to be able to work with some of gospel music’s most gifted artists.

“Gospel music is a very simple—but powerful vehicle that is able to change hearts”, says Desmond. “Sharing my ministry and music with integrity is the most important thing in my life.”
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